Main Line Fly-Tyers

Philadelphia's Oldest Fly Tying Club

Established 1971


To help promote the sport of fly fishing, the art of fly tying and expand the club membership, guest(s) are pemitted to attend one general meeting during the meeting year. There is no charge for a guest visit. Guest(s) are asked to sign in and identify themselves with the treasurer and/or secretary of the club. There is a table at the front of the meeting room where you can introduce yourself and sign-in.

Attendance of the regular monthly meeting by anyone with guest status shall be allowed only once during the course of a year . A guest who wishes to attend more than one meeting will be asked to pay any and all fees of regular membership.

There will be no guest(s) allowed on meeting nights which are deemed “Special Meetings” by the planning committee. All special meetings will be open to the general public for an admission charge


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