Main Line Fly-Tyers

Philadelphia's Oldest Fly Tying Club

Established 1971

Nov 29, 2018: Sam Vigorita (Meeting re-scheduled for Nov 29th)

We are pleased to have one of our longested tenured and leading club members  present a topic on which he has much expertis - fishing the Upper Delaware River This presentation is designed to show you how to find the best pools, and holding lies where fish live and feed. This presentation will show you where, when and how to fish this amazing river system.

Sam is one of the area's most successful trout anglers and has litterally looged thousands of hours fishing and instructing on The Upper Delaware River as well as many other East Coast trout and salmon waters. He is a lifetime member of the Main Line Fl Tyers Clunb and for the past 30+ years has greatly contributed in instruction of both fishing tactivs and fly tying to our members and otherss who have taken his classes.

He is known for his  of fly tenthusiasmying, fly fishing, casting and his willingness to share his knowledge and teach others to improve their skills. You will learn how to find and target the big trout all are hopingh to catch.

Most all of his special fly patterns, secrets, and techniques have beenm put into print and can be found in his book, "Fly Patterns - An Edge Above the Rest". Each year he teaches multiple classes and demonstrates his techniques at our club events and area sportsmen shows.

Oct 18, 2018: Nick Raftas

Join us to hear Nick Raftas of Wild East Outfitters present his talk, "The Lehigh River: The Wild, Wild East". The presentation will cover some history, photos/video of fishing, and tactics & techniques on fishing this great wild river.

Nick has bneen guiding since 2011 in eastern PA and offers wade and float trips on dome og Pennsylvania's best waters for trout, smallmouth bass, musky and pike. He has contributed to the print version and has been featured multiple times in Field and Stream's Video Series, "Hook Shots" and has been published in Fly Fisherman magazine.

Nick prides himself on being one of the haredest working guides in PA. An Orvis endorsed guide since 2017, he started Wild Wast Outfitters in 2018. He is offering increasing selection of hosted trips including to Montana, the Outer Banks, the Upper Delaware and with more exotic destinations to come.

Sep 20, 2018: Tim Flager

Tim Flagler has been fly fishing and tying for more than 30 years. He is also a presenter, instructor and fly fishing guide. He founded Tightline Productions, the preeminent fly tying video production company, specializing in promotional and instructional video in 1998. He's known worldwide for his online work and you will also see him tying at many of the national/international fly fishing/tying shows. If you have been on YouTube, Vimeo, or the Orvis Learning Center seeking instructional tying videos, you have undoubtedly seen his excellent work. Come join us to hear his latest presentation, “What’s Happening Now on Area Trout Streams."

Dec 20, 2018 Christmas Party & Annual Auction

Feb 21, 2019:

Speaker: Pat Dorsey - Fishing Colorado's Best Trout Streams

A native of Colorado, Pat Dorsey has been guiding for over 25 years. Pat Dorsey spends well over two hundred days a year on the water, a combination of guiding customers, hosting destination travel-trips, and personal days on the water.

Pat Dorsey is the head guide and co-owner of the Blue Quill Angler fly shop in Evergreen, Colorado. He oversees and trains more than 25 guides, setting the standard for integrity and professionalism in the Blue Quill Angler guide operation. Dorsey also, maintains an online stream report that monitors stream flows and conditions for the Blue, Colorado, South Platte (Cheesman, Deckers, Spinney Mountain Ranch, and Elevenmile Canyon), North Fork of the South Platte, and Williams Fork Rivers

In 2005, Pat authored the book, A Fly Fishing Guide to the South Platte River, a complete how-to fly fishing manual for the entire South Platte River drainage. It encompasses a thorough look at each section of the river detailing the hatches and recommended fly patterns for each of the four seasons of the year.

In 2009 Pat Dorsey authored Fly Fishing Tailwaters, a comprehensive book on how to fish tailwater fisheries. In 2010 a companion book to Fly Fishing Tailwaters hit the shelves, Tying and Fishing Tailwater Flies, which is jam-packed with how to tie Pat Dorsey’s favorite “guide flies”. This book includes 500 step-by-step tutorials, as well as, helpful tips and illustrations on how to rig and fish them. His latest book is Colorado Guide Flies, which was released in 2015.  It features tips from the state’s best guides and includes approximately 600 proven guide flies with recipes.

Pat Dorsey is an accomplished fly tier and has originated a number of very effective patterns such as the Mercury series, UV scud, Limeade, Cherry-Limeade, Paper Tiger, Top Secret Midge, Medallion Midge and the famed Black Beauty. Although Pat Dorsey no longer has the time to tie flies commercially, he once produced over 28,000 flies in a year. Dorsey is a fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants. His signature flies are available at the Blue Quill Angler and other specialty fly shop throughout the United States. Pat Dorsey is also a Pro Team Member for Whiting Farms. Many of his flies incorporate Whiting Farm products.

Jan 24, 2019: <--- This is the 4th Thursday, not our normal 3rd Thu.

Speaker: Phil Rowley

Phil has been fly fishing for over 30 years. His love of fly fishing has taken him across North America pursuing trout, Atlantic and Pacific salmon, char, pike, walleye and numerous other species on the fly. But Phil is probably best known for his stillwater exploits.

A former commercial fly tyer, Phil has written for almost every major fly fishing publication in North America. He has authored three books and numerous feature articles and has been the fly tying columnist for BC Outdoors Magazine for over 10 years. Phil’s first book Fly Patterns for Stillwaters is a best seller. In 2014, Phil was the proud recipient of a Life Time Achievement Award from Fly Tyer magazine. Most recently, Phil was honored to receive the 2017 Jean Guy Cote award for his contribution to Canadian fly tying.

In addition to his writing, Phil has five instructional DVD’s. In 2007, Phil was a member of the gold medal winning team at the Canadian Fly Fishing championships.

When he isn’t on the water, Phil travels North America performing at outdoor shows, providing seminars, speaking to fly clubs, conducting fly-fishing schools and fly tying clinics. Phil also provides instructional stillwater guiding on the lakes located a short distance from his Edmonton area home.

Phil has appeared on a number of T.V. shows including, BC Outdoors Sports Fishing, Sports Fishing Adventures, The New Fly Fisher, Sport Fishing B.C., Fishing Alberta, Let’s Go Outdoors and Fishing with Shelly and Courtney.

Make a point of visiting or following Phil on-line at, or and through his social media channels, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2018 - 2019 Meeting Schedule and Speakers

Mar 21, 2019:

Speaker: Domenick Swentosky - 50 Fly Fishing Tips

A father of two young boys, a husband, author, fly fishing guide and a musician, Domenick Swentosky fishes for wild brown trout in the cool limestone waters of Central Pennsylvania year round. In 2014 Domenick founded the Troutbitten website as a creative framework for documenting the things that he’d like to show his sons someday: a diary of events, and of things learned on the water. Troutbitten has grown into a fly fishing blog full of 300+ stories and technical articles as well as photography focusing on wild trout and wild places. With a philosophical slant to the stories and an advanced, tactical angle to the techniques section, Troutbitten is a popular destination for fly anglers on the web.  And Troutbitten has grown into a four season Pennsylvania fly fishing guide service. Domenick also give presentations on much of this material for clubs and schools.

May 16, 2019:

Speaker: Steven Wascher

Steve is a third generation fly tyer who has tied flies and fly fished for over 50 years.  Steve was taught the craft at an early age by his father, who in turned learned from his mother.  Their flies had to be spot on perfect to fool the wary browns and wild brook trout of the Pine Creek Valley in North Central Pennsylvania.  Steve learned early on that perfection to detail, proportion, and the utilization of quality materials was of utmost importance in the production of every pattern.

Professionally, Steve was a Special Education Teacher for over 30 years teaching a wide range of learning styles.  Steve also taught for several summers at the New York State Department of Corrections – Shock Incarceration Camp in Brocton, New York.  While in the education field, Steve coached Girls' Basketball for six years and taught a college level course entitled – Introduction to Fly Fishing at Jamestown Community College from 1998 – 2000.  Prior to obtaining a Bachelors and Master's Degree, Steve served in the United States Army for three years as an Artillery Surveyor in West Germany.

Currently, Steve works as a manufacturers sales representative in the fly fishing industry.  He carries such product lines as:  Abel and  Ross Fly reels, Scott Fly Rods, Korkers Wading boots, and a host of other great product lines.

Lastly, over the course of the past 10 years, Steve's flies have be published in many books and magazines.  Fly Rod and Reel, Hatches Magazine, Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide are just a few of the periodicals he has been published in.

Apr 18, 2019:

Speaker: Tom Gilmore - Eastern Trophy Tail Waters

Tom Gilmore has fly fished around the world for over 45 years and has provided well over 200 presentations on fly fishing for a variety of species including trout, bonefish, permit, tarpon, billfish and tuna.

He has written numerous articles for Eastern Fly Fishing, Southwest Fly Fishing, Northwest Fly Fishing, Tail Fly Fishing and Fly Fishing Saltwaters. His first book, False Albacore, was published in 2002, followed by, Tuna on the Fly, Flyfisher’s Guide to the Big Apple, and Flyfisher’s Guide to Eastern Trophy Tailwaters. His latest publication Flyfisher’s Guide to Pennsylvania was released in September 2016. He is currently working on his sixth book, Flyfisher’s Guide to New Jersey’s Coldwater, Warmwater and Saltwater Game Fish and Hot Spots.

The program Tom is providing for us is "Eastern Trophy Tailwaters, Great Trout Waters from Maine to Georgia" providing information on “world-class” tailwaters located close to all of our major eastern cities from Maine to Georgia. We Eastern anglers will be convinced that we don’t have to get on a plane to fly to the Rockies or even more exotic destinations to tackle trophy trout – this book and program will reveal where to find them practically in our own backyard.

In researching this program and recent book, Tom explored over one hundred eastern tailwaters and selected the top 40 which he felt were truly “world-class.” Gilmore shares the secrets, hotspots, hatches, and areas of easy access to the East’s best tailwaters. We will be guided by his first-hand fishing knowledge of each river and information from his detailed stream logs, stretching back over four decades. He'll share his experiences, anecdotes, detailed descriptions, as well as tips and tactics from regional experts for fly fishing success on tailwaters.

Jun 20, 2019:

Speaker: Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson, the President of the Little Juniata River Association since 2005 (an award winning 501 c3 watershed conservation organization), fly fishing instructor/guide, Innovative fly tyer,  National Finalist for the Field & Stream “Hero of Conservation” award 2014, and Outdoor News – Person of the Year for 2015, lives just five miles from the Little Juniata River.  He has fished there since moving to Central Pa. in 1978.

He and a partner started and ran a fly shop located on Spruce Creek.

Bill writes, teaches fly tying classes, and is the Senior Dog Handler for the Hillendale Hunt Club. He has written articles on fly fishing and the Little Juniata River for regional magazines and newspapers. He is the author of “Trout Boomer and the Little “j” - The story of a fly fisher and his love for the Little Juniata River”

His innovative fly pattern, the CET (Crippled Emerger Transformer) was developed over several decades of observing and fishing the hatches on the Little j. He has most recently contributed the chapter for the Little Juniata River in a newly released book titled “50 Best Places Fly Fishing the Northeast” – Stonefly Press.

Come join us to hear his presentation on "Fishing the Little j"