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Sep 21, 2023 @ 6:30pm:    Don Baylor

Don's presentation on Trout Stream Ecology discusses what trout need; what is detrimental to trout habitat; how trout feed; aquatic insect habitat; aquatic insect life cycles, movement and feeding strategies; longitudinal succession of species; and hatchery versus wild trout.

Yes.....this presentation is live and we absolutely encourage you to join us at GPCC but, in event you are unable to join us onsite, we are again providing a Zoom link to paid members, to allow remote attendance. (That link will be provided to paid members in the days leading up to the meeting). This is a service we are striving to continue but, do not wish to allow the opportunity to impede the social aspect of our group. Join us live.....please view the Zoom option as an opportunity to "attend" in extenuating circumstances where you just can't make it live.

Don Baylor has spoken to our club several times in the past. He is an expert on all the Pocono streams and all of the hatches that occur on those streams. Thursday 9/21 he will be giving a new presentation about behavior of trout in our streams. If you don't have it already, his book, Pocono and Upper Delaware Hatches, is a resource that all club members should have.

2023 - 2024 Meeting Schedule and Speakers

Dec xx, 2023: Annual Auction & Christmass Party

Our yearly Christmas Party and Auction will be held again this year at the Sandy Run Country Club. A buffet dinner will be served at 7pm. The facility will open for us at 6pm to setup for the auction and have time to mingle before the auction and dinner begin.

If you wish to partake of adult beverages there will be a cash bar for your enjoyment.

The location is:

The Sandy Run Country Club

200 Valley Green Road

Oreland, PA 1907

The Main Line Fly-Tyers are pleased to announce that live meetings will be held at the Greater Plymouth Community Center for the 2023-2024 season.

( Paid members will be notified via email with details, prior to each meeting, to allow viewing  the meeting using Zoom. )

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Oct 19, 2023: Steve Wascher

Steven Wascher is a third generation fly tyer who has tied flies and fly fished for over 50 years. Steve was taught the craft at an early age by his father, who in turned learned from his mother. Their flies had to be spot on perfect to fool the wary browns and wild brook trout of the Pine Creek Valley in North Central Pennsylvania. Steve learned early on that perfection to detail, proportion, and the utilization of quality materials was of utmost importance in the production of every pattern.

In addition to be an accomplished tyer, Steve also guided for over 15 years. Also, Steve taught a variety of tying classes for over twenty years. His classes varied in depth from basic trout flies to spinning deer hair bass bugs as well as Steelhead flies and Tube Flies.

Professionally, Steve was a Special Education Teacher for over 30 years teaching a wide range of learning styles. Steve also taught for several summers at the New York State Department of Corrections - Shock Incarceration Camp in Brocton, New York. While in the education field, Steve coached Girls' Basketball for six years and taught a college level course entitled - Introduction to Fly Fishing at Jamestown Community College from 1998 - 2000. Prior to obtaining a Bachelors and Master's Degree, Steve served in the United States Army for three years as an Artillery Surveyor in West Germany.

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Nov 09, 2023:   Ed Jaworowski presents Rethinking Traditional fly-castng instruction

Special Notes: This meeting is the 2nd Thursday not the normal 3rd Thursday.

And at Ed's request there will not be a Zoom session or any recording of his presentation.

Focusing on select topics, this talk will question the wisdom of the way casting has been taught for generations. I shall analyze various types of casts, and address some of the most common problems all anglers face. I’ll reveal some of my new and revised concepts, and introduce surprising ideas about rod loading and casting strokes, all based on physics, that have never been addressed by writers or instructors. Anglers of every level should find useful material that will greatly enhance their fishing experiences.

Ed, an original member of Main Line Fly-Tyers(!), is an international flyfishing authority, writer, photographer, and editorial consultant. He has authored five books, contributed to several others, and published more than 300 articles. His writings and photographs have been published in the USA, UK, Norway, Spain, Italy, and Japan. He is most noted as a casting coach.

Lefty Kreh called him "the best teacher of fly casting that I have ever known". One magazine editor dubbed him “The Butch Harmon [America’s top golf instructor] of fly fishing”. He serves as a casting and tackle consultant on the National Advisory Team of Temple Fork Outfitters (Springbrook Trading Ltd.) in Dallas, TX, and in recent years teamed with Lefty to produce a comprehensive instructional DVD, The Complete Cast, for TFO. Ed, who’s been fly fishing and fly tying since the 1950’s, has given hundreds of classes and demonstrations around the country and abroad.

He has extensive experience in fresh and saltwater venues throughout the western hemisphere, pursuing sunfish to sailfish in 14 countries, 29 states, 7 Canadian provinces, 3 Mexican states. He has been honored by several TU chapters, and was inducted into the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum in Carlisle, PA.

He received the first "Izaak Walton Award" presented by the American Museum of Fly Fishing in Manchester, Vermont, and was awarded the FFI Casting Board of Governors Award for "Lifetime Achievement in Teaching Fly Casting".

Fly Fisherman magazine listed him among the 50 most influential fly fishermen of the past 50 years. Having taught at Villanova University for 40 years, Ed is a retired professor of Latin language and literature, Roman history and law. He resides with his wife, Michele in the Philadelphia suburbs.