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Nov 16, 2017: Dave Rothrock - Bugs and Imitations.

Dave’s presentation will cover many of the major eastern mayfly hatches with a smattering of stoneflies and caddisflies thrown in too.  We'll look at a variety of pattern types we can use to suggest them and discuss some of the potential triggering characteristics which can be incorporated into a pattern to perhaps add to its appeal.  The program will cover where and when to find various hatches as well as some tips on how to effectively fish them.  

Dave Rothrock has been pursuing trout, and other species, with a fly rod since the mid-1960's, and he's been tying flies for a bit longer than he's been fishing them. Dave has fished throughout the East, into the Midwest, and Europe where he fished great waters in Austria and Slovenia. Dave's articles have appeared in Fly Fisherman, American Angler and Pennsylvania Angler magazines as well as other publications. His fly patterns have graced the pages of various publications, books and calendars. He has presented programs on fly-fishing related topics to groups throughout the Eastern U.S. and Canada. He is also a co-author of the book “Keystone Fly Fishing: The Ultimate Guide to Pennsylvania's Best Water.”  In 2004 Dave and George Daniel teamed together to compete in the northeast regional qualifier for Barrett Productions' Fly Fishing Masters competition. As a team they placed first out of 36 teams in the two day casting competition.  In the past Dave has worked as an instructor in the L. L. Bean fly fishing schools and has taught fly fishing, casting and fly-tying classes for various fly shops. Dave currently guides and teaches fly fishing and casting through his business, Salmo-Trutta Enterprises. He utilizes many of the best trout streams in central and northcentral PA as his classroom environment.

Oct 19, 2017: Tom Baltz - Parachute Tying Tricks and Tips

Tom Baltz, a New Mexico native, has been a fly tier for over 50 years, those since the mid-1970’s spent among the legendary tiers and anglers of the limestone valleys of south-central Pennsylvania, near Carlisle. Tom is the only four time Pennsylvania State Fly Tying Champion and his flies have appeared in Field & Stream, Fly Fisherman Magazine, Art of Angling Journal, Eastern Fly Fishing, and American Angler magazines, the Orvis catalog (I.C.S.I Midge, Mudd-Bugger, Hatching Nymph and Beetlenat) and numerous other books and publications. He was Orvis Northeast Trout Guide of the Year in 2001.

Tom will use his signature fly the ParaNymph as a platform to show several ways to tie wings (aka posts) using calf body hair or synthetics as well as addressing hackle-winding techniques to make tying parachute style dry flies doable for most any fly tyer. He'll also demonstrate how to keep even the smallest parachute style dry flies nice and delicate like the insects they are supposed to mimic. He might even tie a few sulphurs and little olives too!

Sep 21, 2017: Dave Allbaugh - Wet Flys

Dave is a professional, licensed Pennsylvania guide, wet fly tier, and owner of Wet Fly Waterguides. He has been fly fishing since the 1970's, and has concentrated his efforts at the famed waters of Central and North Central Pennsylvania, specifically streams like; Spring Creek, Penn's Creek, Little Juniata, Kettle Creek, and Big Pine Creek. Dave specializes in the classic art of wet fly fishing. His mission is to educate new and seasoned fly fishermen about the largely forgotten art of wet fly fishing, and to show exactly how productive wet flies can be throughout the year. Over the past 30 years, Dave has spent countless hours on the stream and at the vice, perfecting and designing highly effective wet fly patterns and customized wet fly leaders. His unique guide service is one of a very few in the country that focuses on fishing with wet flies throughout the year. Dave takes great pride in teaching his clients that this lost art of fly fishing is as effective today as in the past. He has given numerous seminars and demonstrations on wet fly fishing to local TU chapters, FFF clubs, Boy Scout troops, fishing clubs, and fly fishing shows.

Dec 21, 2017 Christmas Party & Annual Auction

Feb 15, 2018

This month's speaker is Rick Nyles.

The title of Rick's presentation is "Penns Creek-The Hatch Factory."  Rick

will discuss the creek, hatches and techniques on being a better dry fly

angler.  He will also show off his productive flies for the spring hatch,

Little Black Stonefly to the Green Drake.

Rick Nyles has been fly fishing for over forty years, guiding since 1999,

and as business grew he started Sky Blue Outfitters.  One of the best dry

fly fishing guides you will find in Pennsylvania, Rick offers guided trips

that will increase understanding and skill level when fishing for rising

trout.  Rick also teaches nymphing and streamer techniques, and has a simple "back to basic" approach for fishermen who have forgotten what got them where they are today.  Sky Blue Outfitter's, Orvis and Trout Unlimited

endorsed guide service offers walk and wade, drift boat trip and overnight

packages on the best streams in PA, including Penns Creek, Lehigh River, Big Fishing Creek, Spring Creek, Bald Eagle Creek, Pine Creek, Slate Run, Elk Creek, Kettle Creek, Brodhead Creek, Tulpehocken Creek, Manatawny Creek, Pohopoco, Mud Run, Lackawana River, Class A Wild Trout Streams, Little Juniata River, Susquehanna River as well as destination trips to Montana and the Outer Banks.

Rick is a celebrity fly tier and presenter at The Fly Fishing Shows and

placed 3rd in the Orvis Fly Tying Contest with his Green Drake pattern.  His

authoring includes contributions to Bob Mallard's "50 Best Places Fly

Fishing in the Northeast" and Tom Gilmore's "Flyfisher's Guide to

Pennsylvania" and contributions to numerous articles in newspapers and


Jan 25, 2018 - This is the 4th Thursday not our normal 3rd Thursday

This month's speaker is Jason Randall.

Jason has been an outdoor writer for the last twelve years with feature articles appearing regularly in American Angler, as well as Fly Fisherman, Eastern Fly Fishing, Northwest Fly Fishing and many other outdoor magazines. He is a veterinarian certified in fish health and medicine. He is also a member of the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association and the Society for Freshwater Science.

His first book, ‘Moving Water: A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Currents’ was released in 2012 by Stackpole/Headwater books. It studies the effect of current on trout, their prey species and presentation, where vertical layers of current create drag and requires adjustments to improve nymph fishing success.

His second book ‘Feeding Time: A Fly Fisher’s Guide to What, Where and When Trout Eat’, was released in August of 2013. It focuses on matching your fishing strategies to the trout’s feeding strategies, especially when targeting large trout.

In 2014, the third book in the ‘Fly Fisher’s Guide’ trilogy was released- ‘Trout Sense; A Fly Fisher’s Guide to What Trout See, Hear and Smell’, which offers anglers an opportunity to know more about the quarry they seek

In April, 2017, Jason’s forth book, Nymph Masters: Fly Fishing Secrets from Expert Anglers, was released from Stackpole/ Headwaters Books. Combining secrets, tips and hints from some of the top nymph fishermen in the sport, Nymph Masters thoroughly studies all aspects of nymph fishing.

2017 - 2018 Meeting Schedule and Speakers

Mar 15, 2018

Shawn Holsinger - Fishing West Central PA Streams

Shawn Holsinger, lives in East Freedom, PA with his wife and three children.  He serves as head Pro Staffer in his father's fly shop  Shawn also produces and manages his very popular YouTube Channel for Holsinger's Fly Shop with over 200 videos covering everything from fly tying techniques and patterns to videos of his fishing trips and tips on fly fishing.  By keeping the focus of his videos mainly towards keeping it simple and gearing it towards the beginning tier, he has managed to grow his channel to over 5,000 subscribers and over 725,000 views.  

Shawn started fly fishing and fly tying at the age of 12 when he was taught by his fishing mentor to swing wet flies.  Over the years, he has learned to drift dry flies and nymph fish.  Growing up in West Central Pennsylvania with it's limestone rich streams and great wild trout populations has afforded him many fishing opportunities.  His years of experience along with the popularity of his YouTube channel has also offered him many chances to fish with the fly rod in many locations.  From Cutthroats in Colorado, to the spawning runs of the Great Lakes,  to Peacock Bass in Miami and salt water fishing in the Keys, but his true passion is still fishing for trout around his home.

The area where Shawn lives and fishes is full of great trout stream with both stocked and wild trout.  From tiny mountain streams full of small native brookies that can't resist a dry fly, to chasing wild browns on some of the local small streams that haven't been stocked in years, or floating dries over large browns during the evening hatch on the Little Juniata.  The many streams and rivers in his location make for a great proving grounds for his fly tying creations.  Part of having the YouTube channel is the need for constant content which has caused Shawn to also become a fly designer of sorts, always trying to come up with a new way to catch a trout.  In short, if there is water moving and trout in it, Shawn is trying to figure out how to catch them.

May 17, 2018

Tim O'Neill - Light Spey for Local Waters

Tim O’Neill, who began fly fishing at ten, is the founder and owner of O’Neill’s Fly Fishing, an online community dedicated to all aspects of fly fishing culture. During the following three decades, his passion for the sport carried him through many parts of the industry including retail sales, commercial fly tying, lecturing, seminar teaching, and guiding. Tim’s presentation, “Light Spey for Local Waters,” looks into fishing light, 2-handed, rods for Trout, Smallmouth and Shad.

He is a machinist by trade and he fabricates most of the parts for the Nor-vise fly tying system for which he is the East Coast sales representative. Tim’s fly fishing exploits have been written up in publications like Out and About Delaware and Delaware Today, and NPR interviewed him to discuss fly fishing. He considers himself an educator first and gets the most pleasure in helping others learn more about this great sport. You can contact him to discuss all things fly fishing at

Apr 19, 2018

Don Baylor - Fishing the Poconos

Don is a native of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania where he lives today with his wife Barbara.  He enjoys fly fishing any trout water from tiny native trout streams, to the Upper Delaware. He has taken groups to fly fish Colorado and has fished Wyoming, arctic Alaska, and northern Quebec.  For the last several years, he has enjoyed painting trout studies and angling and landscape scenes. He remains very active in the Brodhead Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the Brodhead Watershed Association, Pocono Heritage Land Trust, and the PA Fly Fishing Museum Association

Don taught English at Stroudsburg High School for 30 years. He served in the United States Army in 1969-71.  He earned an M.S. in aquatic biology, and since 1980 has worked as a biologist with Aquatic Resource Consulting.  He has been involved in stream baseline and monitoring studies of fishes and macroinvertebrates throughout the Northeast.  A fly fisherman and tier since age 11, Don wrote the booklet Pocono and Upper Delaware Hatches, was published in Rod & Reel, and authored over 60 technical reports for Aquatic Resource Consulting.  He has conducted a course available on a 3DVD set - Trout Stream Entomology & Fly Tying.

He has worked as a fly tying instructor and taught Entomology for the Fly Fisherman at East Stroudsburg University.  He served as an instructor in fly fishing and tying seminars at Kettle Creek Lodge and the International Fly Tying Symposium. He taught fly fishing at Indian Springs on the upper Delaware River and presents programs on Pocono fly fishing history, trout stream ecology and entomology, fly fishing techniques, and destinations in Wyoming and Colorado.

Jun 21, 2018

Tim Cammia, Youtube Fly Tying Celebrity

Come join us for an evening with Tim, as he demonstrates pre-meeting fly tying and then provides a presentation to the club. Tim has been addicted to fly fishing and fly tying for about as long as anyone can remember. Although he and his wife Heather live in western Pennsylvania, fly fishing has taken him all over the country, with his fly fishing "home base" being in the State College area.

Some of Tim's favorite waters include the mighty Delaware (where he has guided) and Missouri Rivers; though discovering small streams with wild trout still continues to excite him (his son Angelo especially likes this, as he gets to be the "fish spotter!"). Tim is one of the new generation of fly fishers who have taken to social media to promote and teach the sport. A fly fisherman and fly tier for nearly 30 years, Tim started making fly tying tutorials and posting them on YouTube, which permits users to upload their own homemade videos on just about any topic.

Tim and his coffee mug have co-starred in over 200 videos on many different fly fishing and tying topics, like purchasing and maintaining gear, tying with certain materials or a specific fly pattern, and giving back to charities such as Project Healing Waters. Tim has had a great response to his videos – he now has an audience of over 15,000 subscribers with over two million video views! You can view Tim’s fly tying and fly fishing videos on his website: Trout and Feather

Dave Allbaugh